Built on a Foundation of Mutual Respect!

Neighborhood Youth Academy and Russell Herder team up to put out awareness around youth gambling and sports betting... 

The Neighborhood Youth Academy (NYA)

The Neighborhood Youth Academy (NYA) will provide a positive environment that promotes closing the Opportunity gap for underserved children and families by focusing on leadership development of academic achievement, life skills and Fitness to create successful student outcomes.

Director Lucas Patterson

NYA's Founder interview Link

NYA was built on the belief that we must
approach the education of all children and families
with fresh eyes, and relationships must be built on a foundation of mutual respect between educators, parents and the community!

Our goal is to partner with schools and community-based learning centers, the arts, and athletic organizations to focus on issues that impact at-risk, under-served children in our community, including basic literacy skills (K-8), service learning, and holistic health.

NYA believes that by giving those who have been silenced a voice, we can shift the paradigm from one of desperation and failure to one of empowerment and success. 

Academic Achievement

Student participants will work to achieve academic excellence without racial predictability and graduate to high school prepared for college-level preparatory classes and/or programs.


Student participants will value their personal power and responsibility to serve their communities to benefit our collective society as ethical citizens.

Life Skills

Student participants will live healthy, satisfying, and productive lives.


Student participants will strive to achieve their own fitness goals with guidance from coaches and trainers through various workout techniques and programming by abiding by a discipline regiment and consistent practice at a facility with proper resources to carry out the mission.